Alison Fox

January 10 – February 16, 2013

Press Release

Klemens Gasser and Tanja Grunert are pleased to invite you to the exhibition of recent works by the New York artist Alison Fox, in her first solo show with the gallery.


Alison first showed this group of works at John Davis in Hudson, New York, close to her seasonal studio. It’s a sunny cottage where leafs, bees, earth, and paintings walk in and out.


Her abstractions pursue, in a manner specific to oil on canvas, the perambulations of material awareness brought forward by the staging of events and the elaboration of visual moments. Most works recall bits of luxurious Vuillards or Bonnards, where you would name an orange, a satin shoe, a piece of velvet or a cup under a beam of sunlight on a red sofa. 

Except in Alison’s paintings, these visual constructions refer to unfathomable things, textures, spaces, veils or faces, that we’ll never get to name or see because they work through and against their conventional signs. 


At some point all appearances become cut by material making the softness more acidic and the experience for everyone involved, sharper.


At last it looks like all adventures quest is to get down to the existential experience and thus to construct a butterfly or schematize a peacock or a body might get close to it. —Ana Cardoso