Christopher Fitzwater

August 27 – October 3, 2021

Christopher Fitzwater,  Abdication… (2013-20)
Christopher Fitzwater, Study
Christopher Fitzwater, ""
Christopher Fitzwater, Red Square (2018)
Christopher Fitzwater, Black Rainbow (Mona Lisa) (2021)
Christopher Fitzwater, Sphinx (2017)
Christopher Fitzwater Nocturne or Rabbit’s Moon (2021)
Christopher Fitzwater, Talisman (2021)
Christopher Fitzwater, They Keep Calling Me (2021)

Press Release

Artists Bio

Christopher Fitzwater (b. 1981, Silver Spring, MD) is a painter based in Hudson, NY.

Fitzwater's work has been exhibited at galleries and museums including the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. and The Erie Museum of Art, Erie, PA, amongst others. His work was recently included in New York Magazine (June 2020), and can be found in private collections in New York, D.C., and London.

Artist Statement

My work, while rooted in the figurative tradition, is in a state of constant flux in regards to aesthetics, composition, and style. I approach paintings as objects beyond their pictorial surface, working mostly with found or existing images from a wide range of sources suited to my concerns of the moment. The material constraints of each painting – from the raw wood ripped for stretchers to the finish – are all integral aspects to every work. It is within these material parameters that my relationship to the work, and my hand, become apparent. With each piece, I tend to work within a restricted palette of tones, emphasizing the value of the subject. This is a tactic to better command the viewers' shared experience of the work, in the same way a telescope serves to channel and frame our experience of the cosmos. While each specific painting is produced with a specific set of concerns in mind, the whole of my practice can be understood as an investigation of the self and the other, of the high drama of interior life, of historical conceptions of time and value, of moments that elevate our experience beyond the specious qualia surrounding us.